Satori Learning Designs, Inc.

Satori is a Japanese word that means sudden flash of understanding or enlightenment. It is what participants say happens in our experiential learning sessions and what we are dedicated to providing.

Satori Learning Designs, Inc. is committed to developing, producing, and delivering the highest quality interactive learning available. We strive to understand and meet the needs of our clients with practical methods that increase their personal and professional effectiveness. We live by the principles we advocate.

We believe that doing business as usual is no longer an option. Our aim is to help our clients make the paradigm shifts necessary to accomplish their goals in an increasingly complex and challenging world.

Our Mission

To design, develop and deliver extraordinary learning experiences that enlighten, entertain and empower,our clients to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Our Philosophy

Larry Hampton is our principal and CEO. He came to Satori after serving with the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation for seventeen years. During his time with the department, he provided clinical and administrative services and was the supervisor of training for the department of the six years prior to coming to Satori in 1991.

He authored the award winning Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior (PMAB®) training program in 1981 and was honored by the Attorney General of Texas with a special citation for his work in improving the safety of the citizens of Texas through the program.

Since that time, he has been a much sought after presenter, program designer, consultant and expert witness.


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